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Standard climbing ladder

    Product name:Standard climbing ladder

    Product model : BLSK-RL470




    Product name:Standard climbing ladder

    Product model : BLSK-RL470、BLSK-RL490、BLSK-RL575

    Material quality : it adopt high strength aluminum alloy,typical squeeze alloy with perfect machining performance, better antiseptic performance and toughness.

    Specification (can be customer made according to customer' s actual requirements):

    Outer width of climbing ladder:470/490/575mm

    Standard length : 5880mm, 5600mm, etc

    Transverse brace interval distance: 280mm

    Transverse brace size:30*30m*1.5mm

    Upright column size:60*25*1.5mm

    Advantages : transverse brace interval distance of climbing ladder accordance with human body comfortable requirements, the transverse brace has anti sliding veins, increase the rub force between user and transverse brace of climbing ladder, upright column of climbing ladder adopt expansion rivet technology,more firmly fix.